Our goal is to deliver superior financial outcomes to our clients.

Riverbrook Capital is an investment banking firm dedicated to delivering superior financial outcomes to our corporate and entrepreneur clients. We offer a wide range of financial advisory and transaction services, all of which have the following common elements:

Strategies for maximizing value.
We help our clients identify the best strategy for maximizing shareholder value. This may involve pursuing a transaction right away, or may involve pursuing an operational/financial plan that moves toward a superior financial outcome over a longer period of time.

We help our clients understand the time, investment and risk trade-offs that lead to superior financial outcomes. Then it’s your choice how we proceed.

Tactical advantages for our clients.
We design and manage deal processes that skew the playing field, creating bargaining power and leverage for our clients.

Large firm sophistication. Small firm personal attention.
We invest heavily in robust analytics, information access, extensive investor relationships and sophisticated presentation methods.

We are part of your team and we act like it. We're not done until you're done.

Satisfied clients are our livelihood!